Foundation Meets Skincare

Show up for every Zoom meeting looking flawless and feeling your best with the NEW Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation from BeautyCounter


Beauty Should Be Good For You

Your skincare should be everything but harmful.  Find a better way to self-care with BeautyCounter.  Take the skincare quiz and discover your best skin yet. You deserve it!

Marble Surface

Bridal Glam

Virtual Consults


From first-looks to engagement photos, wedding day and beyond.  Look and feel your best as you prepare to face your groom at the aisle and deeper in marriage.

30 Minutes to full clarity on what self-care routines you need to meet your beauty goals.  My Beauty Goal is a clear, radiant complexion that defies age.  What's your's?

A woman's image empowers her brand.  Make sure your image is reflecting your assignment.  Need help finding a photographer? Say less.

Pop Ups

Round up your squad for some girl talk courtesy BeautyCounter.  Be introduced to safer beauty options that are sustainable for generations to come. Planning a virtual bachelorette weekend? Ask how I can help!




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